What Is The Average Age Of Nursing Faculty

Jul 14, 2017  

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what do nursing professors make

Students, staff and faculty all played a part in the development of the ceremony, personalizing it to reflect the particular nurses being pinned this summer. The ceremony was hosted by Dimitrios Kriaras, Northwestern College's Chief Operations Officer. Two Nursing graduates were selected to serve as student speakers at the ceremony, including LaTanya Gammon and Tamara McCoy. Both spoke about the journey they had taken to get there; the challenges they overcame to get through the Nursing Program; and the roles played by their family, friends and fellow nursing classmates who provided them with the support and encouragement to ensure that their dreams of becoming nurses came true. The ceremony featured the traditional presentation of pins to each individual student, with the vast majority of nursing students being pinned by the Dean of Nursing, Ann Amaefule. Others were pinned by significant nurses in their own personal lives, including mothers, grandmothers, aunts and cousins whose professions https://twitter.com/nfjshane they now shared. The ceremony concluded with the lighting of a candle held by a lantern, symbolizing the passing of the flame from the founder of professional nursing, Florence Nightingale. The flame was passed along to each nurse and was followed by the recitation of the Nurse's Oath. The event concluded with a reception hosted by the College. Students that successfully complete the Nursing Program of the Violet L. Schumacher School of Nursing will have earned their Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Nursing, and upon passage of the NCLEX-RN licensure examination, will receive the Registered Nurse (RN) designation.

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