It Was Right Up Her Alley And Though Shes Been At It Over 14 Years, She Says Shes Going To Keep On Doing It As Long As They Let Her.

May 07, 2017  

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At Christmas time that year she learned of an opening at the Lake Area Career and Technical Center teaching the health careers to high school students. It was right up her alley and though shes been at it over 14 years, she says shes going to keep on doing it as long as they let her. Why? Because she loves her job. Not only does she get to teach young, eager minds about the various health careers they could select in their lives, but she continues to focus on nursing, keeping her license current and acting as the nurse wherever she is, just like she has from the second grade on up. Both are vocations she pretended to be as a child. Her enthusiasm for nursing is matched in her love for teaching, as well. She said both careers have been truly rewarding. I loved being able to help families and patients when they were in the hospital or came to the clinic.

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